As your partner, we buy charge-off receivables to improve your cash position and simplify your workflows. While servicing your customers, we seek win-win solutions and offer education and resources so that they can be more successful customers of yours in the future.

Let us show you the difference.

Why sell to Beacon?

Competitive Pricing

Beacon offers competative pricing all while offering more in terms of service to your customers.

Improved Outcomes for You

Simplify your workflows and create reliable cash flow from charge-offs.

Top Tier Care of Your Customers

Through our Debt Free Togetherprogram, we create win-win payback strategies and provide consumers the resources and education needed so that they can become your successful customers once again.

Asset Types

We specialize in several asset types. With a quick consultation, we can quickly assess if we can add value for your specific portfolio blend.

Auto Finance

Credit Cards


FinTech Installment Loans
DDA & Lines of Credit

Contact us

If you would like additional information about partnering with Beacon, please contact us using the form below or use the contact information found below.

two women sitting on chair
two women sitting on chair